About Gekkoso

Since it was founded in 1917, Gekkoso has pursued a creative way of life by manufacturing authentic products by craftsmen and creating a place where people can interact freely with all kinds of people through the excitement of colours and sounds. For three generations, we have maintained our independence as a family-run business, always selecting the best materials available and developing new products through a process of trial and error. By passing on our experience and developing our skills, we hope to offer the world a "made in Japan" aesthetic and culture. This is a mission that the maison Gekkoso must fulfil at all times. From art materials to clothing, tableware and furniture, Gekkoso is moving into a new era with solid footsteps, expanding the boundaries of its creations. The identity of Gekkoso, which started out as a manufacturer of genuinely domestic paints, will not be lost amidst a world in great turmoil. Gekkoso values the uniqueness of Japan's climate, culture and language, as well as the principle that the sense of colour and the sense of sound are the treasures of life. Gekkoso offers you a moment in time with values that will never change.