Painting also means creating the future.
Having the sensitivity to be able to convey in visual form what you feel in your heart and what comes into your mind is becoming more and more important in these times undergoing great change.
Knowing yourself well leads to knowing others. Encountering and being impressed by the luminous colours of Gekkoso nurtures a lively and real sense of aesthetics.

This will eventually be reflected in the choice of clothing and furniture, and in the way we add colours to our dishes, enriching our lives to an astonishing degree.
In addition, through taking care of your tools and using them carefully for a long time, you will develop a sense of the importance of taking care of things and people, which in turn will lead to the development of a sense of self-respect.
Gekkoso's authentic, timeless products are ideal for adults who want to refine their sensitivity, as well as for children during their precious childhood years, which come only once in a lifetime.

A sense of beauty cannot be bought back later; it is the best gift for the future.

Feel Like Painting Set


When you feel like painting,
that's when you are ready to create.
The set includes a large surface and painting materials that allow you to paint right away, whenever you feel like it.

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