Characteristics of Our Brushes


Our 100% natural hair brushes are handmade and all the processes are controlled by the same artisan. By treating the hairs and woods with our great care , our products maintain a high level of quality. 

<Characteristics of Our Brushes>

Uses natural hair only. We select the best hair that passes through the three process of selection. 

We would like to bring out the features of each hair. Sometimes we mix different hair to create the flexibility and firmness. By combing the hair by hand, our bristles tend to keep the shape after years of use. 

The length of the hair used is more than twice as longer than the bristles we see. Less fallen hairs. Using the thinner tip of hair, maximising the overall hair quantity, the bristles can keep more water.  
Unvarnished willow or birch is used for the handles which makes easy to grip, without slippery, and does not disturb the artists by its colours. 
Our products can be repaired. Broken handles can be exchanged. We can repair the bent bristles as long as the hair is not crucially damaged.