How to order


Find the product you want to purchase.

Please see the product page for information. When you want to buy, click the  "add to the shopping bag" button. 
*The prices include tax.


Make sure you have the right  product

If you want to continue shopping please click "continue shopping"
If you want to proceed to checkout, please make sure again that the product, quantity and price are right. Then, please click "to checkout" button. In case you want a gift wrap, please check the "wish to gift wrap" box. 



Please log in. In case you are not a member yet, please register your information.
If you want to change your mailing address, please click "new address."
If you don't need to change click "next."


Select your means of payment

Please choose from credit card, cash on delivery, AmazonPay, or bank transfer. After the order is confirmed, you can't cancel or change.  Please make sure you have the correct items before you go through the checkout process. 


Thank you for your purchase!

After the successful checkout process, we'll send you a confirmation email. Please check again if your purchased items are correct. 
 *In case you don't receive the confirmation email, we recommend you check your email address registered.

Gift wrapping

We offer gift wrapping option.

In-store pickup

At this point, we don't offer in-store picking up regarding your online order.  

Method of payment

You can choose from the following.

Payment transaction fee
Credit Card free
Cash on Delivery

changes according to the amount of your purchase.

up until 9,999 yen 330 yen(tax inc.)
up until 29,999 yen  440 yen(tax inc.)
up until 99,999 yen  660 yen(tax inc.)

Amazon Pay free
Bank Transfer please kindly bear the bank remittence charges concerned

You can use the following credit cards

※We do not issue a credit card receipt.  Please refer to the credit card statement.

Cash on Delivery

Please make the payment at the time of delivery. The invoice includes product prices, postage, and cash on delivery fee. 
Please understand that there is a maximum amount that can be paid upon delivery.  We'll contact you in case your order exceeds the limit.
Please also note that in case they are returned for the following reasons, we'll have to charge both shipping and returning costs and handling fee.
 - In case it wasn't delivered after seven days since the first delivery reached due to your cause. 
 - In case it wasn't delivered after the best-by date, if it has it, due to your cause. 
 - In case you refuse to receive it.


We'll send them by Kuroneko Yamato or Nekopost to the address in Japan.
Please understand they could become large parcel delivery depending on the items you purchase.


We will choose Nekopost to minimize the postal cost unless you specify otherwise for smaller products. You can't schedule the delivery date for Nekopost.


Regular shipping charges

Large parcel A

Large parcel B

Large parcel C

*Shipping charges will be calculated for each delivery. 
Please understand we may need to ask for addition charges for some remote islands and areas.
Please also note that we may not be able to deliver them right away due to temporary stockout.


After your order has been confirmed, you can't cancel, return, or change. Please contact us immediately in case you received wrong or damaged items.  

Please contact us within seven days after the delivery to the following.

11:00 〜19:00
(store is open everyday except for the  New Year's holiday)

We'll cover the returning cost in case the problem is due to our side.