We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

About Gekkoso

Why the horn symbol?

The trademark "Horn that Calls Friends" was devised by a group of intellectuals at the time led by the Yosano couple (some 30 people including Kaoru Oyamauchi, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Toson Shimazaki, Takeo Arishima, the first Ennosuke, Ritsuko Mori, Takeji Fujishima, and Saburosuke Okada).

In Europe, when aristocrats went hunting, they would blow a horn called "Corno da Caccia," which was a round tube that could be carried over the shoulder, to communicate with each other in the dark forests. In keeping with this history, the name was inspired by the hope that many friends would gather together under the sound of the horn.

Is Gekkoso the shop in front of Taimei Elementary School?

Thanks to your support, we celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2017. The store's location has changed over the years, but we are currently located on Hanatsubaki Street. We look forward to your visit.

Can I buy Gekkoso products near where I live?

The number of stores that carry Gekkoso products is gradually increasing, including stores that sell daily necessities, miscellaneous goods, and stationery, as well as museum shops. Each store selects and stocks a small number of the products they need. Please contact our Ginza store to find out where you can purchase Gekkoso products near you.

About the product

I'm a beginner, but I want to try drawing. What should I start with?

What kind of picture do you want to draw? Gekkoso is often thought of as a specialty store for professionals, but we want to deliver the brilliance of real colors to beginners and children, as well as professionals. We also have a corner in the store where you can try out art supplies. Please try them out first, and we will suggest a set, from a small one to a full set, according to your needs.
The online shop also has the first drawing series, so please use it as a gift. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

What are the characteristics of Gekkoso's Enog? Also, what is its famous color?

These paints are handmade by our artisans in our own factory, and are made using traditional methods. They are characterized by their pure color and calm color tones that are unique to Western-style painting materials made in Japan. Oil paints contain a high oil content. Watercolor paints do not contain unnecessary chemicals such as preservatives, so they can be used by people with allergies.
The company is famous for its cobalt blue, the first purely domestically produced paint, and its original cobalt violet pink (Gekkoso pink). Subtle intermediate colors and gray ranges that are difficult to create by mixing colors are also popular.

What is the difference between Titanium White No.1 and No.2?

No.1 This was developed in response to a request from painter Genichiro Inokuma for a white that would not bulge or cast shadows and could be applied over a wide area. It has a soft texture.

There are watercolor enogu color names that include chrome and cadmium, but are they safe?

It is a remnant of the color name of Enogu, so it does not actually contain heavy metals. In addition, watercolor Enogu is made using highly refined gum arabic, so it lasts a long time without the use of preservatives. It does not have the distinctive smell of Enogu, and is not harmful when washed off, so it can be used safely by people with allergies.

The label says Yellow Light, but is that a different color than Chrome Yellow Light?

The word "chrome" is a remnant of the old way of calling it, but on the label it is sometimes omitted. "Chrome Yellow Light" and "Yellow Light" are the same color. The same goes for other colors that have "chrome" in them.

What is the difference between transparent watercolor and gouache (opaque watercolor)?

Gouache, or opaque watercolor, is a common watercolor paint that you may have used at least once in school. It contains a lot of pigment so that it can be layered to a certain extent. When you layer it after it dries, you can hide the color underneath.
Transparent watercolors contain less pigment than opaque watercolors, so if you paint over them after they have dried, the color underneath will show through (like layering cellophane). You can also make use of lines drawn on the base.
In addition, both are enogu that are dissolved in water and applied, so they can be used to create blurred or bleeding effects.
Gouache is also known as the abbreviation for "acrylic gouache," so it is sometimes thought of as acrylic (water-resistant enogu solidified with acrylic resin), but gouache means opaque watercolor. By the way, there are transparent acrylic enogu and opaque acrylic gouache.

Who draws the humor cards?

We have the cooperation of over 80 artists, ranging from famous painters such as Genichiro Inokuma, who was a friend of the founder, to up-and-coming illustrators.

Why is the horn only oval in shape on the leather cap and the pencil case?

Leather products were first introduced on our 90th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, we added a new horn mark. Now in 2020, having passed our 100th anniversary and entering the Reiwa era, we have renewed our products with a round horn shape.

About the store

What is the nearest station?

It is 8 minutes from Ginza and 3 minutes from Shinbashi.

Do you have stationery?

Art supplies (paints, brushes, sketchbooks, canvases, painting knives, etc.). All products are original art supplies bearing the Horn mark, so we do not stock other companies' art supplies, color charts, masking fluids, fixatives, etc. that are generally sold at art supply stores. We hope you will enjoy the unique usability of Gekkoso products. If there is something you are looking for, please contact us.

Do you have acrylic paints?

We are currently working hard to produce the product for sale.

Can I have it gift wrapped?

We offer gift wrapping in Gekkoso's special wrapping paper for an additional fee. The wrapping method varies depending on the type and combination of products, so please contact the store directly for details.

Do you have a shopping bag?

Since our founding, we have not provided packaging materials for regular shopping. We reuse paper bags and other materials donated by customers. Gift wrapping is available for a fee.

Do you offer framing services?

We also accept framing requests. We can frame any item, such as artwork, your favorite painting, photograph, or favorite poster, so why not display it instead of putting it away? We can also cut the mat to fit the frame and artwork. Delivery times vary depending on the artwork, so please feel free to contact us.

Do you offer discount services?

Gekkoso products are always the same price and there are no sales. However, we may sell exhibition items and B-grade products that arise during the manufacturing process at a discount. Artists who use the studio are given a discount on framing. Only students are given a discount on the studio usage fee.

Can I use gift cards or gift certificates?

Gekkoso has its own gift certificates, so please use them for gifts, etc. They can also be used at Tsuki no Hanare.

Can I pay by card?

All credit cards are accepted.

Do you offer mail order?

We accept orders in a variety of ways, including through our online shop, by phone, fax, and letter.
The online shop and the store share the same inventory, but the delivery and payment methods are different. For mail orders other than via the online shop, we only accept bank transfers.

Can I leave a DM?

We mainly display information about Gekkoso Art Studio, but we can also display small, space-saving items such as postcard size or A4 flyers folded in four. Please note that we may not be able to display some items depending on their size, and that we cannot return items sent by mail.

Do you have a cafe?

The cafe in the basement is currently closed. Please feel free to use the Gekkoso Salon and Tsuki no Hanare.

Other things

What is a studio?

This is the rental gallery of Gekkoso. You can also take a tour, so please feel free to contact us.

Do you offer art classes?

We hold workshops regularly. For details, please check our website or social media.

Can I use Gekkoso products in my handmade items?

For individual artists, we have established guidelines for handmade works.
Please check the PDF below for details.
To all individual artists who use Gekkoso products

Can I combine multiple orders from your online store and have them shipped together?

We process products and shipments for each order number, so we cannot ship multiple orders at the same time. If you wish to ship multiple items at the same time, you will need to place a new order. After confirming your reorder, we will cancel the order.