Expressing Yourself


〜A Cry with No Words 〜

A child will try very hard to tell what happened that day to the mother. It's not important whether the story is precise or the mother is interested in the subject. Even when the mother is too busy to listen to the story, the child would do everything to get the attention.

That is what we think a cry is. It's the first step of expression.

I’m here! This is how I feel the world! 

Everyone has a cry to express oneself and crave for acceptance since a very young age. 

A cry has nothing to do with skills. Layout and drawing, or pitch and rhythm in music, have nothing to do with the cry. You'll experience a great feeling when you express the strong  impulse or desire that can not be verbalised.

You'll start to need skills only when you want to accurately express the cry. It doesn't make sense to learn the skills before you even have your first cry.  It's like practicing a speech when you don't have anything to tell. It is more important to have something you want to tell the world.

We have been listening to the cry from the artists, schools, families, little children and many of our customers for over a century. We believe it is our mission to support everyone's cry.