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To all individual artists who use Gekkosou products

[To all individual artists who use Gekkosou products]

August 2023

Thank you for using Gekkoso's Hornmark products.

For some time now, we have received inquiries from customers who enjoy making handmade products for themselves, asking if they could use our products for creative activities. In order to continue to enjoy creative activities in a fun and safe manner, we have formulated new guidelines. We hope that you will fully enjoy your creative activities using Gekkosou products by agreeing to and strictly following the guidelines below.

First of all, our company will not be held responsible for any problems that may occur with the work created by the customer (hereinafter referred to as the customer's work).

1. Please clearly identify yourself as the creator and include the creator's contact information so that those who purchase the work can contact you. We are not responsible for any inquiries regarding your works.

2. Customers are prohibited from creating new products and using our trademarks and logos for commercial purposes, including copying or deforming them.

3. When selling your work, please refrain from using words or expressions that could be misunderstood as a collaboration with our company.

4. When posting your work on SNS, handmade sales sites, etc., please refrain from mentioning our company name or brand name or adding hashtags.

5. Commercial use of products created by our company in collaboration with other companies is prohibited.
・Atelier coat ・Azuma bag
・Shoeshine palette etc.

6. In the future, we may produce and sell products that have the same purpose as your work.

7. It is prohibited to use or copy the "designs" owned by our company without permission to create works or promotional items. Our company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by revisions to these guidelines. If you are a corporate customer and wish to use it for commercial purposes, please contact Gekkoso Art Supplies Co., Ltd.

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