horn mark gift

Gekkoso offers gift sets for a variety of occasions. For the new life of your favourite family member, to thank a creative couple, or just to remind you of someone you love, it's fun to think about what kind of gift you would like to give them. And that time is probably the greatest gift of all. For an inspirational gift with a touch of creative flair, try a gift set with Hornmark.

For that person who has taken care of you.
Giftset with Hornmark.

Thank you for all your help! It would be great if you could give form to that feeling as soon as possible. The combination of an 8B pencil with a sketchbook with dotted grids, developed with Konosuke Matsushita, accepts any idea gently. Coloured pencils, kneaded only with pigments and wax, add colour to the image. Feelings you want to remember can be kept in place with our right-hand paper clip.

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Anniversary of being a beautiful person
Birthday Set

Watercolours in 12 colours that allow you to enjoy Gekkoso's finest brilliance, and a long-selling aluminium palette that has won a Good Design Award. Handmade watercolour brushes by artisans of the finest quality, and 8B pencils, the perfect partner for sketching. Your art-loving friend will be delighted.

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An exciting new encounter. Congratulations! ! Congratulations on entering school

Congratulations on kindergarten!

A simple set that allows you to experience the fun of changing colors as you move your hands.
The biggest canvas in the house,
Because it is a color conte that can be freely drawn on the window glass,
Perfect for small children's first expressions.

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Congratulations on your elementary school!

You can make so many colors with just 3 colors! ?
A waterbrush and three primary color paint set that is easy to prepare and clean up.
You can easily enjoy the wonder of color mixing.

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Congratulations on your junior high school!

Watercolor paints that can be used in a variety of ways,
I have put together a minimal set.
With this, you can express your feelings immediately.
This is a starter set that allows you to experience the brightness of Gekkosou's colors.

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A gift for families raising children

champagne glasses

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Cup and saucer

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Fluctuation plate small

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Fluctuation plate large

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Easy drawing set for relaxing time

The moment you realize that you want to draw is the moment for free creation.
This set includes a large screen and art supplies that allow you to draw as soon as you feel like it.

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self reward set

Wear the sleeves through a T-shirt that feels great against the skin,
Hang a gazebo bag with an Edo-style feel on your shoulder,
A starry sky in your pocket.

If you turn an unknown street corner three times,
It's a journey.

New discoveries are waiting for you.
A 3-piece set with a heartwarming horn mark.

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The sound of the horn that calls for friends,
The sound of a sincere wish for the happiness of a loved one.
I'm sure that feeling will be conveyed.

My friend, I wish you as much happiness as the stars.